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Vintage Fare Band Members

The members of Vintage Fare are a a diverse group of friends, all brought together by their mutual love for music of all kinds.  We are Alan, Cynthia, Dave, Wes and Chuck.

The story of this band started about five or six years ago when Wes and Cynthia began hearing wonderful music coming through a wall they share with Dave, their next door neighbor. It was filled with amazing harmony and great acoustic guitar.

Dave, Alan, and another friend, Paul Ponzelli (great keyboardist and vocalist), were in a nice  band, "Rubber Soul," and rehearsing at Dave's.  Wes and Cynthia invited themselves over to listen.

Cynthia later asked Dave for some coaching on guitar parts for a couple songs she wanted to perform at a niece's graduation.  Dave agreed, and when he heard Cynthia sing, he insisted she audition at Rubber Soul's next rehearsal.  When they heard her voice, she was "in."

Some weeks later, Dave heard some harmonica coming from Cynthia's and Wes's place.  He knocked on the door and asked, "Did I hear somebody playing harp?"  Wes admitted to noodling around with some of his favorite recordings, and Dave said, "You gotta come to the next Rubber Soul rehearsal so the other guys can hear you."

Wes did. Paul said, "Man! Your harp sounds just like Bob Dylan," and Wes soon joined Rubber Soul. (Wes: Apologies, Bob. No, I don't sound just like you.  Not in a lifetime.  But I cut my harp teeth on your songs, and maybe something stuck. And God bless you for everything you've given to American music.)

We all had a great time in Rubber Soul; performing in churches, private parties, and a disaster of a public concert.. Unfortunately, all good things must end. 

About a year and a half after the breakup of Rubber Soul, Vintage Fare formed in July, 2008 as four fifths of the previous Rubber Soul - but with a new vision.

Great News!

On May 2, 2009, an amazing thing happened at our gig at the Lido:

Chuck Cole, of The New Christy Minstrels was in attendance.  He approached us with profuse compliments and expressed an interest in working with Vintage Fare.

Alan invited Chuck to jam with us at our rehearsal on May 14.  Chuck did, and we all finished that session walking on clouds. We heard so many new possibilities that we couldn't wait for Chuck to join us at another rehearsal. 

July 11, 2009, Chuck made his first appearance with Vintage Fare at The Lido, and what a gig it was! Chuck's mandolin, Dobro, and vocals totally filled out our "sound.' We had rave reviews from the overflow crowd.

As a continuing member of The New Christy Minstrels, Chuck won't always be available for Vintage Fare performances.  When he is, expect something special!

Alan Klein

Alan is, arguably, the "founder" of Vintage Fare.  Invited to do a solo gig at the Lido Bar & Grill , Alan asked the proprietors if he could bring along a couple friends to help out.

The Lido management said "Sure," and Alan asked Dave, Cynthia and Wes if they were interested.

The four of us had a lot of good times in Rubber Soul, so we agreed, and Vintage Fare was born - too soon to even choose a name for the band.

Alan's been performing as a guitarist/vocalist since the sixties, starting out in Kansas playing coffee shops and pubs.

Alan has an uncanny knack for pulling an arrangement out of songs nobody would have guessed could be done acoustically.  His acoustic arrangement of Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" is impressive.

Alan's a darned good songwriter, too, and this summer plans to record a CD of his original works.  Naturally, Vintage Fare members will contribute whatever he wants.

Cynthia Peterson

Cynthia is a natural vocalist with a number of "voices."

At Rubber Soul's first gig, a private affair, a woman approached Cynthia during a break.

"What kind of vocal training have you had?" she asked.

Somewhat abashedly, Cynthia replied,"None."

The woman then said, "Good!, don't! I'm a professional voice trainer, and I'm here to tell you that any kind of coaching could only mess up what God's given you."

We learned, later, that this generous, candid woman was one of the most sought-out voice trainers in California.

Cynthia's vocals start in her heart, and make their way through voices crowds can't believe.

Dave Lyman

Like Alan, Dave's been performing since God's dog was a pup.  He and Alan are also core members of another talented group, The Harmony Brothers.

Next-door neighbor to Cynthia and Wes, Dave was responsible for getting the four of us together in Rubber Soul.

Dave brings unique guitar and vocal talents to our party. Like Alan, Dave can do both great harmonies, and great lead vocals.  Both Alan's and Dave's vocal and guitar styles are unique, and amazingly complimentary.

Wes Peterson

Wes is Vintage Fare's "sound engineer" and sometime harmonica player.

Wes enjoys "filling in" Vintage Fare's sound with gentle chording, counterparts, riffs, and the occasional harp solo.

He prefers to say he "plays at" harp, rather than actually claiming to play the thing - and mostly drives a soldering iron to keep everything in shape.

Wes started "learning" harmonica in the back seat of a '57 Cadillac Fleetwood.  It was '63, and the family was on a cross-country road trip. He'd previously played saxophone, but a schoolyard incident smashed both his upper front teeth and the vibrations of the sax mouthpiece became intolerably painful. (Lousy dentist.)

His mom made him take piano lessons for a couple years.  They didn't take. Probably out of desperation, Mom gave Wes his first harp to fool with on that road trip - a Hohner Marine Band in the key of C. 

That was the beginning of the end. Wes soon began buying harps in different keys so he could play along with his favorite recordings.  He soon learned that all harmonicas are not created equally, and now owns a collection of a hundred or more. (Wes, here: Thank God harmonicas are inexpensive.)

For those curious, Wes has written a bit about harps here.

 Chuck Cole

As it turns out, Chuck is another of our Carmichael neighbors, and he comes to Vintage Fare with stellar credentials. As a member of The New Christy Minstrels, Chuck's fine work has appeared on numerous recordings.

Chuck plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, Dobro, bass, and harmonica - that we know of - so far. He sings, too.

And if you think Wes's collection of harmonicas is excessive, you should see Chuck's "instrument room!"

We are so thrilled to have Chuck join us - and just in time, too.  Chuck's contributions to the Forever Young studio sessions really filled out our sounr.

2018 is another good year for Vintage Fare and, so far, we've played some fun gigs, with more to come.

We also began performing at Bella Bru in Carmichael, a great coffee shop & restaurant that includes the Luna Lounge. We're generally there the first saturday of each month.

Check our calendar for upcoming events.


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