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Words And Music By
Cheryl Wheeler
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Feel this wind blow, scatter all these leaves like paper rain.
Feel these days roll back into our winter lives again.
The tangle at the garden fence is brown and dry.
You call me out and point to your November sky.

I must've been Gandhi or Buddha or someone like that,
I must've saved lives by the hundreds everywhere I went.
I must've brought rest to the restless, fed the hungry too,
I must've done something great to get to have you.

When the cold comes and you are by your fire and fast asleep,
I'll turn a light on, to watch the snow outside fall soft and deep.
And when the winter morning shines all white and blue,
We'll watch the dogs run through the fields like children do.
(repeat chorus)

I suppose stranger things have come to pass,
Many's the forest I can't see.
I was so down and lost and fading fast.
How did you find you'r way to me?
(repeat chorus)

Cynthia Peterson – lead vocals
Alan Klein – vocal harmonies, guitar, percussion
Dave Lyman – vocal harmonies, guitar, percussion (triangle)
Chuck Cole - mandolin

Dave: I am a minister in my spare time and performed a wedding a few years ago with another minister for two dear friends of mine. The bride and groom gave CD’s as wedding favors of love songs that had inspired them. I listened and this was a song from the CD; when I first heard it, I had to pull over and listen to it again. I consider it the perfect love song. It is by a lady named Cheryl Wheeler and we love to sing it.

Wes: One of the joys of performing in Vintage Fare is working with such great friends. Of those friends, I'm lucky to be married to the very best, Cynthia. I know that I'm blessed beyond all deserving, and this song speaks to my good fortune.


2018 is another good year for Vintage Fare and, so far, we've played some fun gigs, with more to come.

We also began performing at Bella Bru in Carmichael, a great coffee shop & restaurant that includes the Luna Lounge. We're generally there the first saturday of each month.

Check our calendar for upcoming events.


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