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In the Early Morning Rain
by Gordon Lightfoot
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In the early morning rain
With a dollar in my hand
With an achin in my heart
And my pockets full of sand
Im a long way from home
And I miss my loved ones so
In the early morning rain
With no place to go

Out on runway number nine
Big seven-o-seven set to go
But Im stuck here in the grass
Where the cold wind blows
Now the liquor tasted good
And the women all were fast
Well there she goes my friend
Well shes rollin down at last

Hear the mighty engines roar
See the silver bird on high
Shes away and westward bound
Far above the clouds shell fly
Where the mornin rain dont fall
And the sun always shines
Shell be flyin oer my home
In about three hours time

This old airports got me down
Its no earthly good to me
cause Im stuck here on the ground
As cold and drunk as I can be
You cant jump a jet plane
Like you can a freight train
So Id best be on my way
In the early morning rain

You cant jump a jet plane
Like you can a freight train
So Id best be on my way
In the early morning rain

Alan Klein – lead vocals, guitar
Dave Lyman – vocal harmonies, guitar, percussion
Cynthia Peterson – vocal harmonies
Chuck Cole – mandolin
Wes Peterson - harmonica

Dave:  This is a song I believe Alan has performed for a long time. I love the opportunity to add high harmonies to it. I believe the high harmony line in a song should be haunting and in the background so it gives a listener’s ear direction to listen more closely at the subtle inter play of the voices.

Wes: This is a song I've always liked a lot. The first time I heard Alan and Dave harmonizing on it, I was stunned. I knew I had to get to work on the harp bits. Fortunately, harp on this song is quite easy.

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