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Across the Great Divide
by Kate Wolf
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I've been walkin' in my sleep
Countin' troubles 'stead of countin' sheep
Where the years went I can't say
I just turned around and they've gone away

I've been siftin' through the layers
Of dusty books and faded papers
They tell a story I used to know
And it was one that happened so long ago

It's gone away in yesterday
Now I find myself on the mountainside
Where the rivers change direction
Across the Great Divide

Now, I hear the owl a-callin'
Softly as the night was fallin'
With a question and I replied
But he's gone across the borderline


The finest hour that I have seen
Is the one that comes between
The edge of night and the break of day
It's when the darkness rolls away



Cynthia Peterson – lead vocals
Dave Lyman – vocal harmonies, guitar
Alan Klein – guitar
Chuck Cole – Mandolin, dobro
Wes Peterson – harmonica

Dave:  I just plain like this song and I love Chuck’s Dobro with it’s sound. This is an upbeat, feel good, let’s all get together on a Sunday afternoon and sing songs.

Wes: I like this song because it's representative of the great legacy of music Kate Wolf gave us. I think Cynthia delivers one of the bet renditions of this song, ever. And the guys do a great job at the harmonies and accompanyment.



2018 is another good year for Vintage Fare and, so far, we've played some fun gigs, with more to come.

We also began performing at Bella Bru in Carmichael, a great coffee shop & restaurant that includes the Luna Lounge. We're generally there the first saturday of each month.

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